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Lipids in Human Pathology is an interdisciplinary group of chemists, biochemists, biologists, medical doctors and dietitians committed to understand the role of membrane lipids in cell pathophysiology. With this, our overall aim is to apply this knowledge to the development of new tools for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring for conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer.


We are currently focused on three main research areas:


1) Role of membrane lipids, particularly phospholipids, in the tumorigenic process in colorectal cancer and in chronic diseases as inflammatory bowel disease.

2) Obtain the necessary lipidomic data for the development of new diagnostic and treatment tools.

3) Changes in the lipidome occurring in  immune cells during immune response

  Lipids in Human Pathology in 2018

News & Upcoming Events

The 1st week of October 2023: WEEK OF SCIENCE IN MALLORCA

Satellite Meeting on Spatial Omics -ICBL 2023 - Workshop on Translational Cancer Research

2nd Oct-  2nd-5th Oct - 5th-6th October

Our group is on the organizing committee for these three scientific events that will be held

in Palma de Mallorca in 2023

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New member in LHP

Sept, 2021

Dr. Ramon M Rodriguez has a strong background in Immunology and epigenetics.

Welcome Ramon!

AMBROSIA, first EU project for Lipids in Human Pathology!

1st EU project for LHP

April , 2021

The EU project lead by Dr. Amedeo Amedei will be funded. Our first participation in a EU project.

Small step for mankind giant leap for LHP!

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